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We create solutions that connect and empower. We inspire value creation through innovation. Our solutions are there to breakdown value exchange barriers. We provide world class electronic payment and digital commerce solutions. These are flexible, adaptable and dependable payment ecosystems that facilitate commerce to evolve, business to grow and individuals to thrive.

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Search for opportunities and direct us to tailor solutions that empower and capacitate you to exploit these opportunities, our solutions cut across several industries ranging from banking, mobile network operations, oil marketing, government & construction. We break down complex environments through platforms that simplify your work flow and keep you laser focused on building your returns. Challenges birth new industries and insights and we are always ready to assist in the delivery of digital transformation around these new perspectives.

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We focus on functionality, simplicity, usability, accuracy and security, guaranting you positive results and sustainable growth.

Agency Banking

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Enable your agents to offer a full range of banking transactions and completely descogest your banking halls. Cash deposits (Cash to account) and Withdrawals (account to cash), money transfers including cash to cash transfers, account to account payments, loan repayments, bill payments, mobile top ups, balance enquiries, mini statements, customer PIN change, temporary card inssuance, etc. Our platform empowers the agent to onboard new customers and carry out preliminary KYC including the capture of ID, proof of address, customer photos and submit these for verification.

internet Banking

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The internet banking platform gives your clients access to your personal and business accounts online, anytime, anywhere. Its the perfect way to do business from home, office or when travelling. Service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. internet Banking gives account holders the freedom to choose their own banking hours, giving them greater control of their finances. Its intuitive, secure, fast, and easy to use enabling account holders to transact on all their accounts from one place.


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Integrate WhatsApp into your bank’s marketing strategy. Allow your clients interact with the bank through channels of their preference to meet their banking needs. Let your clients access information on their portfolios through use of familiar media channels. Let them make payments,block cards,request balances, download statements, make transfers through WhatsApp Banking.


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Hyosung ATMs provide customers with next generation technology that is functional, user friendly and dependable. Banks benefit from its affordability compared to other brands. Increased uptime, fewer services calls mean lower costs to the bank and guaranteed higher profitability. Multi-function, mono-function and Recycling ATM systems are available.


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We offer a variety of POS terminals, from Android to EMV. We also offer Biometric Devices for elections and KYC for Banks and Mobile Network Operators. You have a choice between Desktop and Mobile Devices that have fingerprint, voice and iris capabilities. These come in user friendly designs, support gloved and wet hands and have IP65 rating for various environments.


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FcS is the go-to Fuel Card with unparalleled capabilities that facilitate transacting across various delivery channels including USSD, QR Code, POS NFC APP. Clients have access to User APP which enables them keep track of their account activities. Besides a single card for each driver or vehicle, a single card can be issued to multi vehicles and several drivers, with each driver having own PIN for accountability. Card use is managed through Geo-Fencing and PIN and every transaction is on double authentication basis. Efficient management of settlement to dealers at appointed times, discount accounting and loyalty management are some of its powerful features.


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The communication module comprising SMS and Email allows stakeholders to keep in touch with each other. Embedded customer segmentation capabilities help in targeted product marketing. Every stakeholder has access to comprehensive reports helping manage finances better. Remote card crediting, blocking, cold marking and bulk loading are some of the advantages to enjoy. The simplicity, security, agility in transacting make this platform a joy. The card can be integrated to Mobile Network Operators and Banks achieving a truly omnichannel product.Network Operators and Banks achieving a truly omnichannel product.


The rugged biometric terminal can deliver secure, fast and easy to use individual registration and identity verification.

Android 9 OS+ Qualcomm and Octal-core CPU. 5.5-Inch screen, 1080*1920 resolution supports 400nit strong light readable.

Multi-fingerprint scanners, including FAP20, FAP30, FAP45 fingerprint scanner.

Rugged IP65 Biometric ID scanner is waterproof, dustproof, and 1.5m drop resistance.

Multi-Factor identification biometric terminal supports IC cards/ NFC card/ ID card/ passport reading, barcode scanning, iris recognition.

Features a big battery that keeps going on.

Application: Citizen identity, SIm card registration, election. border control, bank e-KYC and mobile time & attendance.


Biometric enrollment device designed for multi-modal biometric and data capture. The devices are equipped with 2 cameras, a 15 mega pixel and 5 mega pixel camera for face and iris capture, a fingerprint scanner for fingerprint capture and a contactless card reader. Suitable for civil identification, voter registration, population registration, sim card registration, criminal indentification and border control.

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